Royalty Free 8-Bit Background Music Downloads

8-bit music, also known as chiptune music, is the video game music of the 1990s or earlier. 8 bit music is small in size due to hardware limitations, and sound very simple, pure. This type of music can be heard in games like mario, zelda, contra and more.


8-bit music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Royalty free 8-Bit music
Instrumental Name
Date Published
MP3 Download
8 Bit Presentation> Track Versions

8bit chiptune voiceover music which goes great with tutorials, presentations and gaming videos.

8 Bit Menu (By David Renda)> Track Versions

8 Bit Menu8 Bit video game music that sits well in passive areas of a game.

8-Bit, Happy, Upbeat
Land of 8 Bits (By Stephen Bennett)> Track Versions

Land of 8 BitsA great 8 bit vibe that sits well in the background.

8-Bit, Peaceful And Relaxing
Pwned> Track Versions

PwnedPwned is the infamous misspelled version of owned.

8-Bit, Funny

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