Royalty Free Funny Background Music Downloads

Funny music is used to elevate a comedic scene to new heights and is typically very light in nature, and sits very well in the background without getting in the way. Typical instruments can include small tiny drums, orchestral strings and band instruments. Anything with a funky rhythm or purposely out of the ordinary can be funny and used for a comedy scene or film.

Royalty free funny music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Royalty free Funny music
Instrumental Name Published MP3 Download
Silly Chicken> Track Info

Silly ChickenThis funny song track feels like jazzy comedy music and is very light hearted and silly.

Funny, Jazzy
Seriously> Track Info

SeriouslyThis comedy music is light, upbeat and groovy.

Back And Forth Game> Track Info

Back And Forth GameThis romantic comedy music is upbeat and funky.

Moron> Track Info

MoronThis track is all about that moment when someone says something extremely stupid and dumb. The music has a light, funny, comedy feeling to it.

Funny, Happy
Absurd> Track Info

Funny, Upbeat, Happy, Dance
Dummy> Track Info

Funny, Jazzy, Happy
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