Royalty Free Motivating And Inspiring Background Music Downloads

Royalty free Motivating And Inspiring music Motivating and inspiring music can feel very happy, emotional and moving. People use motivational and inspirational music for gym work outs, studying, sports, speeches, life lessons, work and more. This genre of music may sometimes also goes well with weddings and love story films.


Motivating and inspiring music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Instrumental Name
Date Published
MP3 Download
Play Track New Heights

New HeightsEpic build up music with a very motivational feel.

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Movie Trailer
Play Track Tears of Joy

Tears of JoyEmotional, motivating and inspiring music that moves you with a piano and strings.

Happy, Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Romantic, Commercial And Advertising
Play Track Inspirational Advertising 1

Inspirational Advertising 1This instrumental is very uplifting, positive and leaves room for a voice over.

Commercial And Advertising, Motivating And Inspiring
Play Track His Fight Is Over

Emotional and epic film soundtrack instrumental.

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Patriotic, Sad

Emotional and cinematic documentary and motivational speech music.

Documentary, Motivating And Inspiring, Epic
Play Track They Said I Can't

Inspiring and motivating TV commercial music, orchestral based.

Commercial And Advertising, Motivating And Inspiring, Movie Trailer
Play Track Journey To The Promise

Join this track on an epic inspirational journey.

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring
Play Track Starry Dream

Starry Dream was made to be epic inspirational background music.

Motivating And Inspiring, Epic
Play Track Video Game Adventure

This epic track is for telling the story of a video game in the main menu.

Epic, Action, Dark, Motivating And Inspiring, Suspenseful
Play Track Sentimental Dialogue (By David Renda)

Sentimental slow dialogue voiceover music with a touch of motivation.

Motivating And Inspiring, Dialogue Voice Over

Groovy rock and roll intro instrumental with a very upbeat feeling.

Commercial And Advertising, Motivating And Inspiring, Rock, Funky

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