Royalty Free Fantasy Background Music Downloads

Fantasy music is anything that resembles fiction. We typically think of fairies, elves, gnomes, hobbits, and other creatures that don't exist in real life. Orchestral instruments and atypical musical progressions are heard often in fantasy music. Hopefully the music can teleport you to an alternate disney like world where dreams and magic come true!

Royalty free fantasy music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Royalty free Fantasy music
Instrumental Name Published MP3 Download
Dreams of a Child> Track Info

Dreams of a Child'Dreams of a child' is a track that feels like a children's disney dream. This track is all orchestral based and has some very energetic, as well as emotional and soft parts.

Happy, Fantasy
Beautiful Village> Track Info

Fantasy, Sad, Happy
Forest Ventures> Track Info

Happy, Fantasy
Pirate Dance> Track Info

Happy, Upbeat, Folk, Fantasy
The Dark Castle> Track Info

Scary, Mysterious, Dark, Suspenseful, Fantasy
Viking Ship (Visual Novel: Corruption & Divide)> Track Info

Fantasy, Folk
Broken Village> Track Info

Sad, Fantasy
Childhood Nostalgia> Track Info

Happy, Peaceful And Relaxing, Fantasy, Sad
Tiny Kingdom> Track Info

Fantasy, Happy, Mysterious
Land of Fantasy> Track Info

Happy, Mysterious, Fantasy
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