Royalty Free LoFi Hip Hop Background Music Downloads

LoFi music is low fidelity music that's popular for study, sleep and relaxation. LoFi music is heavily influenced by hip hop, jazz and analog sound. The music is generally calming and easy on the ears, with a lack of select frequencies.

Royalty free lofi hip hop music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Royalty free LoFi Hip Hop music
Instrumental Name
Date Published
MP3 Download
Chill Gaming> Track Versions

Chill GamingGreat lofi beat to help focus, study and chill.

Peaceful And Relaxing, LoFi Hip Hop
I Got This (By David Renda)> Track Versions

I Got ThisLofi hip hop music with a lax and groovy beat.

Hip Hop Rap Beats, LoFi Hip Hop
Homework> Track Versions

HomeworkSoft and sad feeling lofi music, great for sleep, relaxation or study.

LoFi Hip Hop, Sad, Hip Hop Rap Beats, Peaceful And Relaxing
Out And About (By David Renda)> Track Versions

Out And AboutChill lofi hip hop for background music use.

LoFi Hip Hop
Lazy Day (By David Renda)> Track Versions

Lazy DayLofi track for those lazy days with nothing to do.

LoFi Hip Hop, Peaceful And Relaxing
Bobbin (By David Renda)> Track Versions

Head bobbin lofi, relaxed feel.

LoFi Hip Hop
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